Posted on: December 16, 2022 Posted by: Zack Wang Comments: 0

At the conclusion of 2022, we have another amazing announcement that will have a great positive impact on the school in the years to come. We want to inform you that Saint James School of Medicine has been awarded an additional 3-year accreditation by the Accreditation Commission of Colleges of Medicine (ACCM), which will be applicable until the end of 2025. We are very thankful to the ACCM panel whose members made significant efforts to provide us with this decision despite having logistical issues and have become mentors in our success. 

Accreditation is a complex and time-consuming process for the school and everyone involved. We are incredibly thankful to all our staff, faculty, and students who have participated in preparing the data and the meeting with the panel. Without your sincere work and effort in this manner, this would not be possible. By granting us this accreditation, the ACCM has acknowledged the hard work and dedication of everyone at SJSM to keep making the school better each day. We will continue working as a team in the coming years, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with ACCM.

To our students, please know that we take great pride in your success, and it is through you and your success that SJSM will reach new heights.

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