Posted on: June 1, 2021 Posted by: Swetha Jalan Comments: 0

Fellow (impending) new grad doctors.  As our graduation season is upon us, I just wanted to extend a few words.

As we enter this phase of our lives, with the acquisition of our new roles and responsibilities, I want to implore everyone (including myself) to embrace everything that comes forward with grace and humility.  We often say, “Trust me, I’m a doctor” but if I’ve recognized anything throughout this pandemic, it is evident that faith in our health system, physicians and practitioners is not what it once was.  Let us recognize that the obtainment of our title is not an inference that trust is deserved, but continually act in an accordance by which we strive to earn and retain the trust of our patients with each encounter.

We must hold ourselves accountable, speak up and advocate for changes in our system, whether with regards to the treatment of minorities or other ethnic groups, the recognition of gender identification, treatment based on financial status and ability to pay, nullifying treating according to biases and stereotypes, address gaps and mortality outcomes in various groups throughout this pandemic and much more beyond the scope of this message and even my own experience.  Let us hold ourselves to the esteem of which we are expected to perform and display an overt representation of the moral compass that we are to embody.  This is how we begin to reshape the world’s outlook on our practices.

We must redevelop the trust in that we truly serve each and everyone to the best of our abilities, that the information and advice that we provide is inclusive, can indeed be trusted without prejudice and that we are truly displaying our commitment to diversity by simply showing our love for humanity.

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