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Embarking on a medical journey is never easy, but the challenges faced by Dr. Yaya Besong are truly remarkable. As the first physician in her family and the youngest of seven children, Dr. Besong’s path was paved with both support and adversity. With the financial backing of her siblings, she enrolled in St. James School of Medicine, determined to honor their investment and fulfill her dream.

The Early Struggles

Dr. Besong’s journey began in September 2016, marked by the loss of her mother in 2014, a tough personal challenge she had to overcome. Despite being the youngest and often the most pampered in her family, she found the strength to apply to St. James School of Medicine, supported by her family’s unwavering belief in her potential.

Facing Natural Disasters and Pandemics

During her time at St. James, Dr. Besong experienced Hurricane Irma, which forced a temporary move to St. Vincent while repairs were made to the Anguilla campus. Despite this disruption, she formed lasting friendships and adapted to the changes.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented another significant challenge. Dr. Besong faced personal hardships, including a breakup and the illness of her sister-in-law, who contracted COVID-19 as an essential worker. This period was emotionally taxing, but Dr. Besong remained resilient, using her experiences to further her education and understanding of medical practices during the pandemic.

Academic and Professional Growth

Dr. Besong’s academic journey was not without its hurdles. She struggled with exams, often finding herself overwhelmed by the multitude of resources available. It was only after seeking help from a tutor and focusing on a streamlined study approach that she began to see significant improvements in her scores.

Her clinical scores were outstanding, and she credits her success to the hands-on experience and support from mentors and peers. She tailored her applications to align with the expectations of program directors, ultimately securing multiple interviews and matching into her preferred specialties.

The Match Process and Beyond

Dr. Besong’s strategic approach to the match process included applying to both internal medicine and family medicine programs, a decision influenced by the competitive nature of the specialties and the guidance from her mentors. She meticulously prepared personalized applications for each program, highlighting her unique experiences and aligning them with the program’s values.

Her perseverance paid off, and she successfully matched into a program that aligned with her career goals. Dr. Besong’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, support systems, and strategic planning in achieving professional success.

Advice for Future Medical Students

Dr. Besong emphasizes the importance of utilizing available resources, seeking mentorship, and maintaining a strong support system. She advises students to focus on their long-term goals and to be realistic about their strengths and weaknesses. Her journey underscores the significance of perseverance and the impact of a supportive community in navigating the challenges of medical school.

Dr. Yaya Besong’s journey is an inspiring example of overcoming adversity through determination, strategic planning, and unwavering support. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring medical professionals, illustrating that with resilience and the right support, success is within reach.

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